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Tusas Aerospace Industries Inc

TUSAS Havacilik ve Uzay Sanayii AS, founded May 1984 as a joint-venture company with Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and Turkish Air League (2 percent shareholding), Lockheed Martin of Turkey (42 percent) and General Electric (7 percent). TAI manufactured Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 50Ds for the Turkish Air Force under the U.S. Peace Onyx II program plus wings and fuselages for U.S. production lines under Peace Onyx I Assembles Airtech CN 235M transport for air force, assembles UH- 60L Black Hawks for army, co-manufactures Eurocopter Cougar Mk Is for air force, and contributes to Airbus FLA, Eurocopter EC 135 and Sikorsky S-76 programs. Other work includes UAVs and aircraft modernization, development of the TG-X1 Bat very light single-seat attack / surveillance aircraft (first flown February 1997, based on U.S. Sadler A-22 Piranha), and development of the HD-XX twin-turbofan regional transport.


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