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Turner T-40B


The Turner T-40B is basically the same as the T-40A, but with tricycle landing gear and other improvements. Development of the prototype began in 1966 and the first flight was made in 1969. Originally an 85-hp engine was used, but it was replaced by a 125-hp Lycoming in order to improve high altitude performance. Other refinements on the basic T-40A frame are: a bubble canopy, hydraulically operated double-slotted flaps, and a fixed leading-edge droop.

Engine: Lycoming, 150 hp
HP range: 100-150
Height: 6 ft
Length: 20.8 ft
Wing span: 29.6 ft
Wing area: 106 sq.ft
Weight empty: 1050 lbs
Gross: 1640 lbs
Fuel cap: 30 USG
Speed max: 170 mph
Cruise: 155 mph
Range: 525 sm
Stall: 62 mph
ROC: 1200 fpm
Take-off dist: 1100 ft
Landing dist: 900 ft
Service ceiling: 14,500 ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: nose or tail wheel


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