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Tupolev Tu-126

Tu-126 Moss AWAC

NATO code name ‘Moss’, about 10 surviving Tu-114s were retired and converted to Tu-126 ‘Moss’ configuration as airborne early warning platforms with a rotating radome pylon-mounted over the rear fuselage for the Soviet air force. The aircraft also has an inflight-refuelling probe and a number of blisters and fairings covering operational equipment. The former passenger cabin provides ample space for extensive communications, radar and signal processing equipment, and consoles for specialist operators.

First deployed in the mid-1960s, the Tu-126 carries a crew of 12. It is powered by four NK-I2MV turboprop engines and has a range of 7,700 miles at a cruise speed of 380-485 mph. The endurance at cruising speed for a 1,250-mile radius is six hours, which with flight refuelling can be extended to 17 hours.

Engines: 4 x NK-12MV, 15000hp
Max take-off weight: 170000 kg / 374788 lb
Wingspan: 51.20 m / 168 ft 0 in
Length: 55.20 m / 181 ft 1 in
Height: 16.05 m / 53 ft 8 in
Wing area: 311.10 sq.m / 3348.65 sq ft
Max. speed: 850 km/h / 528 mph
Cruise speed: 650 km/h / 404 mph
Ceiling: 13000 m / 42650 ft
Range: 12550 km / 7798 miles
Crew: 5 + 12 systems operators.

Tupolev Tu-126



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