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Tecnam P-2002 Sierra

P2002-JF Sierra

A four seat, fixed or retractable undercarriage aircraft with a tapered wing, laminar aerofoil and slotted flaps.
The Tecnam P2002 Si-erra has two models in the Class 2 microlight group, and the "JF" model, while almost identical, is certified to JAR/VLA standards, meaning it is approved for PPL and CPL training. Certification is to European Aviation Safety Agency EASA A.006.

The Sierra looks very similar to the P96 Golf but is, in fact, entirely different. The cabin area is a steel truss frame, the fuselage is now rounded, all structural parts are of aluminium alloy, the flaps of the laminar flow wing are slotted and larger, and it has a redesigned interior with a larger instrument panel. Power is provided by the Rotax 912-ULS.


Technam P2002RG


P2002 Sierra
Stall: 38 kt / 44 mph / 70 kmh
Cruise: 116 kt / 133 mph / 215 kmh
VNE: 135 kt / 155 mph / 250 kmh
Empty Weight: 331 kg / 730 lbs
MTOW Weight: 599 kg / 1320 lbs
Climb Ratio: 1200 ft/min / 6 m/s
Take-off distance (50ft obstacle): 762 ft / 232 m
Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 610 ft / 186 m

Engine: Rotax 912S, 100hp
Seats: 4
Max speed: 130 kt
Cruise: 110 kt
VNE: 138 kts
Approach: 96 kts
Flap: 67 kts
Stall: 26-40 kts
Best rate climb: 65 kts
Best Glide clean: 68 kts
Max crosswind: 15 kts
U/C: retractable
Propeller: Two bladed fixed pitch
Fuel Cap: 100 litres total, 99 litres usable, two wing tanks
Max take-off: 581 kg
Empty weight: 357kg
Max baggage: 20kg


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