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Talleres Nacionales De Construcciones Aeronauticas
Talleres Generales De Aeronautica Militar

National Aircraft Manufacturing Workshops, established November 1915 at Valbuena, near Mexico City. Began by building Bleriot, Morane-Saulnier and other foreign types under license. Own first products were the Microplane Veloz single-seat fighter biplane of 1918 and the Series A two-seat general-purpose biplane. Followed in late 1920s by the Azcarate-E training and reconnaissance sesquiplane. Aircraft design halted by Government 1930, but shortly afterwards built Chance Vought O2U Corsairs under license. Later products included Teziutlan primary trainers in 1942 and, in late 1940s, the prototype TTS-5 six-seat twin-engined general-purpose transport.



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