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Supermarine N.113 / Scimitar


Known originally as the Supermarine N.113, the Scimitar F.1 was a large single-seat, twin-engined naval carrier-borne interceptor fighter and strike aircraft for the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy's first single-seat fighter capable of supersonic flight.


The Scimitar has mid-set sweptback wings, with slight anhedral, and dog-tooth leading edges. Blown trailing edge flaps are fitted. There are swept back tail surfaces with 10 degrees of anhedral on the tailplane. Conventional ailerons, rudder and one-piece all-moving tailplane are fitted. Engine air intakes are on each side of the fuselage by the cockpit. A tricycle undercarriage has single wheels on each unit, the mains retracting into the fuselage and the nosewheel retracts rearward. Internal tanks can be supplemented by four underwing tanks of up to 800 Imp.Gal total capacity. A flight refuelling probe can be fitted on the starboard side of the nose. The original armament was four 30mm Aden guns.




The prototype flew for the first time on 19 January 1956 and deck-landing trials were successfully completed on HMS Ark Royal in July 1957. 


Scimitar F.1


The first of 76 production aircraft flew on 11 January 1957 and the first operational squadron (No 803) was formed in June 1958 and embarked on HMS Victorious in the following September.




Scimitar F.Mk 1
Engine: 2 x Rolls-Royce Avon 202 turbojet, 50.04kN / 11,250 lb
Max take-off weight: 15513 kg / 34200 lb
Empty weight: 10869 kg / 23962 lb
Wingspan: 11.33 m / 37 ft 2 in
Length: 16.87 m / 55 ft 4 in
Height: 5.28 m / 17 ft 4 in
Wheel track: 14 ft 1 in
Wing area: 45.06 sq.m / 485.02 sq ft
Max. speed: 1143 km/h / 710 mph
Cruise speed: 14020 km/h / 8712 mph
Ceiling: 14020 m / 46000 ft
Range: 2288 km / 1422 miles
Armament: 4 x 30mm cannons, 4 x 454kg bombs or missiles
Crew: 1



Supermarine Scimitar




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