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Sukhoi Su-11 (II)


The limited range of the TsD-30T radar and K-5MS led Sukhoi to develop the Su-11 with new Oryol radar and K-8M missile.

The availability of a more powerful radar, the Uragan (Hurricane) 5B, matched with new medium-range AAMs available in alternative semi-active radar guidance and infra-red homing versions in the mid 'sixties, led to upgrading of the basic T-43 (Su-9). The larger-diameter dish of the Uragan I-band radar necessitated an intake centrebody of almost twice the cross-section area of that of the series Su-9. This, in turn, required increasing the intake lip diameter to allow for the same airflow, which, the AL-7F engine being retained, remained essentially unchanged. External piping ducts along the upper rear fuselage, similar to those of the Su-7BM, signified a revised fuel system, and armament comprised two medium-range missiles (one radar-guided and the other IR-homing). With the AL-7F-1 turbojet providing an afterburning thrust of 10,110kg, the revised T-43 series limited all-weather interceptor was adopted by the IA-PVO Strany under the (re-used) designation Su-11 as interim equipment pending introduction of the more advanced Su-15 that was being developed in parallel. The Su-9 fighter was used in large numbers as a standard Soviet (P-VO Strany) defensive fighter, replaced from 1968 by the Su-11 with long nose, large radar and inlet and new missiles. The Su-11 supplemented and partly replaced the Su-9 until similarly withdrawn in the early 'eighties.

The Su-11 'Fishpot-C' first flew on 25 Dec 1958 as the T-47 prototype, and entered series production in 1962 at Novosibirsk. After the series production of 112 aircraft, the Su-11 production was ceased because of its poor performance and flight handling, caused by its heavy nose shifting the centre point of gravity forward disrupting the design's balance.

An all weather fighter and trainer aircraft. NATO code name ‘Fishpot-C’ and ‘Maiden’’. The Su-11 ‘Fishpot-C’ is an im-proved version of the Su-9 with a more powerful engine, the Lyulk4 AL-7F turbo-jet of 22,000 lbs thrust with afterburner. It has a maximum speed of Mach. 1.8 at 36,000 feet and carries two ‘Anab’ air-to-air missiles, one radar-homing and one infra-red.




Type: single seat all weather interceptor
Engine: 1 x Lyulka AL-7F single-shaft afterburning turbojet 22,046 lb (10.000 kg) thrust
Wingspan: 8.43 m / 28 ft 8 in
Wing area: 26.2 sq.m / 282.01 sq ft
Length: 17.4 m / 57 ft 1 in
Height: 16 ft (4.88 m)
Max take-off weight: 14000 kg / 30865 lb
Empty weight: 9100 kg / 20062 lb
Initial climb 27.000 ft (8230 m)/min
Max. speed: 1915 km/h / 1190 mph
Ceiling: 17000 m / 55750 ft
Range with twin drop tanks: 900 miles (1450 km)
Armament: two Anab air-to-air missles, one radar-homing and one infra-red on wing pylons, no guns.

Sukhoi Su-11 (II)




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