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Stolp SA-100 Starduster One


Designed by Lou Stolp, this single-place member of the Stolp family is the younger brother to the two-place Starduster Too. The Starduster is intended for the Lycoming 125-hp engine, but it has been built with engines ranging from 85 to 170 hp with a constant-speed prop. The 125 to 160 hp range is optimal.

The Starduster One SA100 was built to fill a need for a single-place, open sport biplane. It was built to fly just for fun and is not intended to be an aerobatic airplane. It is quite strong, however, and many owners use the aircraft for aerobatic flight, but this is beyond the original concept of the machine.

The main structure of the airplane is built of 4130 steel tubing and sheet stock and has no machined fittings or other complicated bends, which is an advantage for the average homebuilder with limited machine equipment to use. The wings have spruce spars and the ribs are made of 1/4" plywood using a modified M-6 airfoil. Construction of the plane has been kept as simple as possible and it goes pretty well.

The prints are quite complete with ribs and most fittings full size, which saves considerable time on construction of these parts.


The prototype N70P first flew in November 1957.
Engine: 125hp Lycoming
Wingspan: 19'0"
Length: 17'0"
Useful load: 300 lb
Max speed: 148 mph
Cruise: 130 mph
Stall: 55 mph
Range: 400 mi
Seats: 1


Gross Wt. 1080 lb
Empty Wt. 700 lb
Fuel capacity 24 USG
Wingspan 19’
Length 16’6”
Top speed 147 mph
Cruise 132 mph
Stall 50 mph
Climb rate 2000 fpm
Takeoff run 200 ft
Landing roll 300 ft
Range 450 miles


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