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Start & Flug H-121 Globetrotter / Schulmeister



Designed by Walter Stender and Ursula Hanle and originally known as the Schulmeister, this side-by-side two-seater training sailplane first flew in prototype form on 28 July 1977, and production began in March 1978. The Globetrotter is a cantilever mid-wing monoplane of 17m span with a T-tail, and mainly of glassfibre reinforced plastic construction. The wings have an Eppler E 603 aerofoil section and are swept forward 2° 30'; air brakes are fitted in the upper surfaces, and there is provision for water ballast. Landing gear consists of a non-retractable monowheel and tailwheel, and the two pilots sit under a one-piece canopy that slides forward to open over the tip of the nose.
Only one was built.
Wing span: 17 m
Wing area: 15.8 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 18.29
Airfoil: Eppler 603
Empty Weight: 400 kg
Gross Weight: 600 kg
Wing Load: 38 kg/sq.m
L/DMax: 36 100 kph
Min Sink: 0.65 m/s 80 kph
Seats: 2
Span: 55 ft 9.25 in
Length: 25 ft 1.5 in
Height: 3ft 5.25 in
Wing area: 170.1 sqft
Aspect ratio: 18.3
Empty weight: 639 lb
Max weight: 1,102 lb
Max speed: 155 mph
Min sinking speed: 2.13 ft/sec at 50 mph
Best glide ratio: 36:1 at 62 mph



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