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SR-1 Stinger

Biplane, struts and cable bracing, cruciform tail. Taildragger, steerable tailwheel. The Stinger is derived from the Hornet, being of similar configuration and construction, and differs principally by having a smaller wing span and area.

The power pack is a Kawasaki TA440, as on the Hornet, and the price was $6450 ready to fly in 1983.

Engine: Kawasaki TA440, 35 hp at 6000 rpm
Prop-eller diameter 50 inch, 1.27 m
V-belt reduction, ratio 2.0/1
Max static thrust 235 lb, 107 kg
Power per unit area 0.19 hp/sq.ft, 2.0 hp/sq.m
Fuel capacity 5.0 US gal, 4.2 Imp gal, 18.9 litre
Length overall 18.0 ft, 5.49 m
Height overall 6.3 ft, 1.91 m
Wing span 26.3 ft, 8.02 m
Total wing area 185 sq.ft, 17.2 sq.m
Empty weight 245 lb, 111kg
Max take-off weight 600 lb, 272kg
Payload 355 lb, 161kg
Max wing loading 3.24 lb/sq.ft, 15.8 kg/sq.m
Max power loading 17.1 lb/hp, 7.8 kg/hp
Load factors; +12.0, -12.0 ultimate
Max level speed 62mph, 100kph
Never exceed speed 100mph, 161kph
Cruising speed 55mph, 88 kph
Stalling speed 24 mph, 39 kph
Max climb rate at sea level 700 ft/min, 3.6 m/s
Best glide ratio with power off 8/1


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