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Squirecraft SA102.5 Cavalier

K & S SA102.5 Cavalier





The original plans built, all wood, two place Cavalier SA.102 was designed in 1964 by Stan McLeod of Calgary, Alberta, and was based on the French Minicab. Retaining much of the basic airframe of the GY-20 but features a redesigned cockpit with a third, child, seat. The tail surfaces were redesigned and the aircraft sits on a tricycle undercarriage.

The initial version, the SA.102, encountered stability problems but these were solvrf by the addition of angled tip-tanks. This version first flew in February 1971, designated SA.102.5.

Subsequent revisions by McLeod led to the 100 to 125 hp SA.102.5 and SA.102.88.

The SA 102-5 Cavalier is a side-by-side two-seater of all wood and fabric construction, that can use any four-cylinder Continental, Lycoming or Franklin engine and rated in the 85 to 150-hp range. The prototype flew in 1969. The wing section is a NACA23015 at the root and NACA23012 at the tip. The wing structure consists of a single wooden box spar plywood leading edge, an auxiliary rear spar for the flaps and ailerons and a diagonal drag spar. The entire centre section is plywood covered, the remainder of the wing being fabric covered. The fuselage is a wooden truss type structure of spruce and ply construction. The cockpit doors and canopy are of moulded fibreglass. The rear decking is fabric covered. The empennage is of all wood construction with fabric covered control surfaces. The standard aircraft has a fixed tricycle under-carriage, but a tailwheel version is available. Fuel is carried in wing tip tanks of 13 or 1 6 Imp gallon capacity.

Gross Wt. up to 1800 lb
Empty Wt. 900 lb
Fuel capacity 40 USG
Wingspan 26’l0”
Length 18’4”
Wing area: 118 sq.ft
Top speed 200 mph
Cruise speed 165 mph
Stall 50 mph
Climb rate 1500 fpm
Range 850 sm
Landing roll 800 ft
Seats: 2

Engine: Lycoming O-290, 125 h.p
Span: 27’4”
Length: 22’0”
Wing Area: 118 sq. ft
Empty Weight: 9001b
Loaded Weight: 1,500 lb
Max. Speed: 150mph
Cruise Speed: 130mph
Stall Speed: 50mph
Initial Climb: 1,000 fpm
Range: 715 miles

Engine: 135 hp
Cruise: 150 mph
ROC: 2000 fpm
Range: 700 sm

Engoine: 125 hp
Empty weight: 950 lb
MTOW; 1800 lb
Tip tank cap: 38 USG
Max level speed: 170 mph
Vne: 200 mph
Cruise: 150 mph
Rate of Climb: 1200 fpm
Loading: +3g
Take off dist: 500 ft
Landing dist: 600-800 ft


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