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Sport Copter Lightning
Vancraft Lightning

Vancraft Lightning

Originally marketed as the Vanvraft Lightning, the  Lightning comes with most of the Vortex components. The all triangulated airframe is built of large-diameter aluminum tubing, with a truly remarkable suspension system and the finest control system in the industry (Roto-Control) We have designed a new composite seat to ensure unparalleled pilot comfort and crashworthiness. Up-grading to a partial enclosure is easy. The new shock mounted rotorhead and independent toe-operated hydraulic disc brakes are standard.

A step-by-step video is included with the assembly manual. The instructions and components are so complete it requires only 40 - 60 hours to bolt together using basic hand tools. The Lightning uses a Rotax 503 with oil injection, and a 2.58-to-1 reduction gear box delivering 52 horsepower.


A unique feature on both the Vortex and Lightning is float capability The Lightning must be equipped as an experimental model with a 67-hp engine for this feature, but it typically operates as an ultralight with a 50-hp Rotax 503. Top speed is 63 mph with the ultralight or 80 mph with the experimental. Conforming composite seats, nosewheel suspension and independent disc brakes also come on the Lightning. Kits for the Lightning in 2001: $15,300

Engine: 50 hp Rotax 503 or 76 hp Rotax 582. Prop: 60” x 32” GSC wood fixed pitch or Warp Drive 64” ground adjustable. Rotor blades: 23-25’ x 7” Sport Rotors or 23-25’ x 8” Sky Wheels.

Standard: brakes suspension, new-design rotor head, Cyber Seat, independent nose wheel suspension and main gear suspension. Can be operated as ultralight or experimental. Options: prerotator, semi-enclosure, floats, instrumentation, folding mast. Info package $12, video $13, both $25. Kit: $15,300 in 2009.

Engine: Rotax 503, 46 hp
Rotor Blades: 23' Sport Rotors
Disk span: 23 ft
Disk area: 415.4 sq.ft
Vne: 80 mph
Max speed: 63 mph
Cruise speed: 55 mph
Range: 90 sm
ROC: 1000 fpm
Sustained Climb: 500 fpm
Fuel cap: 5 USG
Empty wt: 252 lbs
Gross wt: 600 lb
Height: 8 ft
Length: 11 ft
Width: 6 ft 1.75 in
Seats: 1


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