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Sportflight Talon


The LSA Talons are strut-braced three-axis aircraft with conventional gear and a pusher prop configuration, based on an ultralight style of construction.

Sport Flight Aviation uses CAD/CAM technology to refine and verify its designs while also improving manufacturing processes. CNC machining of Talon components is done in-house, producing Talon aircraft kits.

With the powder-coat option, the only painting required on the Talon is the nose cone. The Talon has only a few welded components, such as the elevator interlink, torque tube, and fuel tank. All welding is done at the factory.


The range of the Talon varies depending on the model, engine used, loading, and fuel capacity. The TalonXP equipped with the standard 11.75 gallon welded aluminum fuel tank and Rotax 582 C drive, with 70 inch 3-blade prop can fly for at least 2.5 hours at 68mph. A TalonXP equipped the same, but with the HKS 700E 60hp four-stroke engine, can stay aloft for over three hours with a reasonable reserve. The single seat Magnum and Typhoon can accept an optional 22 gallon welded aluminum fuel tank.

The two-seat TalonXP has an empty weight of 479lbs and a gross weight of 950lbs. With the NorthSlope package installed, the useful payload can be increased to 570lbs. The TalonXP with a Rotax 582 engine can fly at 90mph in level flight. The Talon cruises between 62 and 85mph, depending on the model and engine installation. A typical TalonXP equipped with a Rotax 582 engine cruises at about 70mph. The single seat Magnum and Typhoon comparably equipped will cruise at 76-80mph.

All Talons are equipped with 3-position flaps; 10, 22, and 35 degree positions. Set in the 35 degree position, The TalonXP can comfortably fly at 40-43mph at low power settings. The stall takes place at 33-38mph.

The main boom is 5in. OD x .065in. wall 6061-T6 seamless drawn aluminum tubing. This tube is sleeved at hard points, such as the landing gear carry-through, for added durability. The skins are .050 6061-T6 mated together with stainless steel rivets, creating a light, strong, box-type structure. The Talon’s gear legs are nickel plated 4130 steel alloy tubing with .120in. wall, heat-treated in a special salt bath for strength and integrity.

All Talons come standard with an Aviation Products 5in. break-away full swivel steerable tail wheel.

All Talon models include a built-in curved instrument panel, 3-point shoulder harness, 8-inch spun aluminum welded wheels, streamlined aluminum struts, padded configurable seats, 3-axis control, AN aircraft hardware throughout (included with kit), welded aluminum fuel tank with 11.75 US gallon capacity, tinted polycarbonate windshield, differential ailerons, stainless steel control and structural cables, Mil-spec control pulleys, engine mount with 6 rubber isolators, and preformed wing ribs (XP and Super Magnum: 40 total, Magnum: 36 total)

Talon Magnum
Engine: HKS 700E, 61 hp
HP range: 40-70
Length: 21.6 ft
Wing span: 26 ft 3 in
Wing area: 138 sq.ft
Cruise: 80 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Range: 230 sm
Rate of climb: 1000 fpm
Takeoff dist: 175 ft
Empty weight: 437 lb
Gross weight: 735 lb
Fuel capacity: 11.75 USG
Landing dist: 225 ft
Seats: 1
Cockpit width: 24 in
Landing gear: tailwheel
LSA: yes

Talon XP
Engine: HKS 700E, 61 hp
HP range: 40-80
Length: 21.6 ft
Wing span: 28.5 ft
Wing area: 148 sq.ft
Empty weight: 535 lb
Gross weight: 1050 lb
Fuel capacity: 11.75 USG
Cruise: 72 mph
Stall: 41 mph
Range: 230 sm
Rate of climb: 900 fpm
Takeoff dist: 250 ft
Landing dist: 250 ft
Seats: 2 tandem
Cockpit width: 24 in
Landing gear: tailwheel
LSA: yes


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