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Sorrell SNS-1 / SNS-2 Guppy



Designed by Hobie Sorrell of Tenino, Washington, in 1966, Fred Chandler of Ferguson, Missouri constructed this homebuilt project. Chandler says that the Guppy’s success is the result of a clean design combined with large wing area and light weight. He says that the design is very controllable in spite of its low engine power and small size. It is a rudder aircraft, and low speed makes it easy to handle.
The first two built, N2976G c/n 1 and N2180 c/n 2, were powered by an 18hp OMC Cushman 200 HO2 outboard boat engine.The Sorrell SNS-1 was the first Guppy (N2976G) and, as such, it is usually just referred to as an 'SNS-2'.


Kit version uses 25-hp Citroen engine. Price 1982:  $4,500 (includes engine and prop).


Engine: 18hp OMC Cushman 200
Wingspan: 21'3"
Length: 15'5"
Useful load: 245 lb
Max speed: 80 mph
Cruise: 70 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Seats: 1

Engine: Citroen, 25-hp
Gross weight: 575 lb
Empty weight: 330 lb
Useful load: 245 lb

Engine 36-hp VW
Gross Wt. 640 lb
Empty Wt. 440 lb
Wingspan 21 ‘6”
Length 15’6”
Top speed 85 mph
Cruise 80 mph
Stall 29 mph
Climb rate 200 fpm
Takeoff run 350 ft
Landing roll 400 ft
Ceiling 10,000 ft
Range 200 miles

Engine: Rotax 377, 36 hp
Speed max: 90 mph
Cruise: 70 mph
Stall: 35 mph
ROC: 650 fpm
Take-off dist: 200 ft
Landing dist: 250 ft
Service ceiling: 12,000 ft
Fuel cap: 6.5 USG
Weight empty: 350 lb
Gross: 600 lb
Height: 5.2 ft
Length: 15.4 ft
Wing span: 21.2 ft
Wing area: 150 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tail wheel


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