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SkyStar Aircraft Corp

Marketed kits for developed versions of the original Denny Kitfox (first flown 1984), as the Kitfox Classic IV side-byside two-seat high-wing cabin lightplane, Kitfox Series 5, long-wing Kitfox Speedster, and Kitfox Vixen with nosewheel undercarriage.

In 1996 SkyStar Aircraft acquired the right to produce and sell Aero Designs Inc Pulsar line, which they produce at SkyStar’s Nampa, Idaho facility.

Also offers kits for Pulsar II composites built low-wing monoplane (as two-seat development of original Star-Lite), and Pulsar XP with more engine power.

1997: 100K N. Kings Road, Nampa, ID 83687, USA.


3901 Aviation Way
ID 83605 Caldwell


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