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Sky Sports Humbug


While the Humbug is foot-launchable and foot-recoverable, “auxiliary” wheels are available as well as floats, skis, ice skates or dune buggy wheels. The convenient mixer stick operates three-axis controls, and foot pedals operate the rud-der. Construction, for the most part, consists of aluminum tubes and channel fittings, plastic end caps, nylon cable eyes, stainless cables and 3.8-ounce Dacron envelopes for the tail and wings. Power for the Humbug can come from several options; the most popular to this point is a twin-engine Gemini power system that uses a Partner (Swedish chain saw) engine which can be modified to develop from five to nine hp. Chrysler engines which are rated at 10 hp each are also available. Setting up the Humbug for flight requires only 20 minutes. It was available as a finished, test-flown airplane or as a kit.


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