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Skyfox CA-25 Gazelle

CA-25N Gazelle

To meet market demand CA-22 were again reworked and a new type certificate was gained for the CA-25N (nose-wheel) Gazelle. This name stems from the fact that the redevelopment finance for this aircraft was obtained from the Swiss agents Gisela. Production of the CA-22 Elan and the CA-25 Impala (both with tail-wheels) continued but sales of the CA-25N (nose-wheel) went at about l0 to 1.

The CA-25N nose wheel development, first flew 1995.

The airframe is built from 4130 chrome molyb-denum steel, with the wings built up on tubular spars with an internal web, along with metal drag and anti drag braces. Plywood ribs are epoxy bonded to the spars. They are then covered with Stits polyfibre and Dulux paint. Power is from a Rotax 912, which gives the aircraft the flatter engine cowling — the easiest way to differentiate this machine from the radial type cowl of the US Kitfox.

Production ceased in late 1999 after about 106 tail-draggers and 83 nose-wheeled machines had been constructed.

Tail wheel undercarriage

Extended wingspan: 9.52m (folded: 2.4m)


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