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Skyfox Aviation

Skyfox Aviation came on the scene in 1991 at Caloundra, north of Brisbane, after acquiring the rights to manufacture the US Kitfox ultralight. The aircraft was significantly modified to meet the CAQ 101-55 standards for a commercially-built two-seat ultralight able to be used for flight training. The aircraft was also re-worked to meet the international JAR/VLA certification standards for sale in Europe and this was completed by about mid-1993, as the CA-22.

Founded as a public company in 1996 but originating in 1991. Offers the Skyfox STOL two-seat braced high-wing cabin monoplane (first flown September 1989) for pleasure, training, surveillance and other roles, in CA22 ultralight, CA25 tailwheel general aviation and CA25N nosewheel general-aviation versions.

A fi-nancial crisis in 1997 saw the company again re-financed.


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