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Sindlinger Hawker Hurricane


Designed by Boeing engineer Fred Sindlinger in the late 1960s, the prototype was built ahead of any drawings, subsequently put on paper by two draughtsmen - one in metric and the other in imperial. Sindlinger’s 5/8-scale version of the British Hawker Hurricane first flew in 1972. Both the wings and fuselage are constructed of wood with a fabric covering. The powerplant turns a metal constant-speed prop and is fed by a main fuel tank just aft of the firewall, with a. capacity of 14 gallons. Optional 10-gallon tanks can be built into the wing root. The landing gear is a steerable tailwheel type with the main gear retracting into the wings. The pilot sits under a sliding canopy.





Engine: 180-hp Lycoming
Gross Wt. 1375 lb
Empty Wt. 984 lb
Fuel capacity 32 USG
Wingspan 25 ft
Length 19 ft 8 in
Wing area: 101 sq.ft
Top speed 200 mph
Cruise 143 kts
Stall 62 mph
Climb rate 1850 fpm
Ceiling 21,000 ft
Takeoff run 490 ft
Landing roll 550 ft
Range 575 miles
Seats: 1

Engine: Lycoming 0-320, 160 hp
Cruise 65%: 143 knots/165 mph
Max speed: 174 knots/200 mph
ROC SL: 1850 fpm
Design limit:  +6.5G -0G


Engine: Mitsubishi 6G74 200hp
PSRU: Belt Drive 1:1.6 ratio
Wingspan: 25 ft 0 in
Wing area: 102 ft2
Length: 19 ft 8 in
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Empty weight: 1239 lb
Maximum speed: 165knts
Cruise speed: 130knts mph
Rate of climb: 1800 ft/min
Stall 35knts (Flaps & Gear down)
Endurance: 2 hours
Retractable: Electric


Engine: 150hp Lycoming O-320
Wingspan: 25'0"
Length: 19'8"
Useful load: 370 lb
Max speed: 200 mph
Cruise: 165 mph
Range: 625 mi




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