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Kuznetsov NK-32


The Kuznetsov NK-32 is a military specification afterburning 3-spool low bypass turbofan jet engine which powers the Tupolev Tu-160 supersonic bomber, and was fitted to the later model Tupolev Tu-144LL supersonic transport. It is the largest and most powerful engine ever fitted on a combat aircraft (however, higher thrust engines are fitted to civil aircraft such as General Electric GE90. Such engines sacrifice exhaust speed for higher thrust and hence cannot accelerate to supersonic speeds).
It produces 55,000 lbf (245 kN) of thrust in maximum afterburner.


Tupolev Tu-160
Tupolev Tu-144LL


Type: Three-spool low-bypass afterburning turbofan
Length: 6,000 mm (20 ft)
Diameter: 1,460 mm (4.79 ft)
Dry weight: 3,400 kg (7,500 lb)
Compressor: 3-stage LP (fan), 5-stage IP, 7-stage HP
Combustors: annular
Turbine: 1-stage HP, 1-stage IP, 2-stage LP
Maximum thrust: Cruise thrust: 14 000 kgf (31,000 lbf, 137 kN), Afterburning thrust: 25 000 kgf (55,000 lbf, 245 kN)
Overall pressure ratio: 28.4
Bypass ratio: 1.4
Turbine inlet temperature: 1630 K (1357 °C)
Specific fuel consumption: (supersonic) 1.70 kg/kgf/hour (subsonic): 0.72-0.73 kg/kgf/hour
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 7.35 Kgf/kg


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