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Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-166


Development of the Ye-152 series of interceptors was stopped as a result of the OKB 's preoccupation with the Ye-155P (MiG-25P), but the remaining prototype was completed for high-speed research as the Ye-152M with an R-15B-300 engine providing an afterburning thrust of 10210kg. This aircraft established (as the Ye-166) an absolute speed record over a 100km closed-circuit of 2601km/h on 7 October 1961, and an absolute speed record of 2681km/h on 7 July 1962.

The Ye-166 was used for exploration into the structural and aerodynamic requirements of flight at speeds of more than 1864 mph (3000 km/h).

Engine: 1 x R-15B-300, afterburning thrust of 10210kg
Max take-off weight: 3100 kg / 6834 lb
Wingspan: 8.5 m / 27 ft 11 in
Length: 18.5 m / 60 ft 8 in
Max. speed: 2680 km/hr /1665 mph
Crew: 1


Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-166




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