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Wright H / HS
Wright HS
The 1914 Wright H featured twin chain-driven propellers and a boat-like fuselage. Five long- and short-nosed versions were produced.
Wright HS
The Wright HS was a 1915 version with shorter-span wings than its Model F predecessor and saw service in the Mexican border campaign.
Wright HS
Engine: Wright, 60hp
Wingspan: 32'0"
Length: 26'6"
Speed: 100 mph
Seats: 2
Wright Aeronautical F / Tin Cow
Wright F
The 1913 Wright F, or Tin Cow, was the first of the fuselage models, but it still retained wing-warping and two chain-driven propellers.
Although this designation is often seen applied to the Model B built under license by Burgess as their model F, only one was ever produced by the Wrights, delivered in 1914 to US Signal Corps as SC39.
The Model F evolved into the 1915 model HS.
Engine: Austro-Daimler 6, 90 hp
Wingspan: 42'0"
Length: 29'6"
Speed: 60 mph
Seats: 2
Wright Bros EX / Vin Fiz
Wright EX "Vin Fiz" Cal Rodgers at right, with cousin John Rodgers
The Wright EX was a 1911 long-wing versions of the model R, one of the two built was flown in 1911 by Calbraith P Rodgers, dubbed Vin Fiz Flyer for his soft-drink sponsor, in the first transcontinental flight, from New York to California, with many crashes (including a mid-air collision with an eagle) and repair layovers. At the flight's end in Los Angeles, a rudder and one strut were said to be the only surviving original parts.

Engine: 35hp Wright pusher
Wingspan: 32'0"
Length: 24'5"
Seats: 1
Wright Aeronautical AO-3 Mohawk / Iron Horse
A three-place open cockpit biplane built in 1927, the AO-3 Mohawk aka Iron Horse was "Sold" to Wright Flying Co for "... experimental development tests and furtherance of Bureau of Aeronautics Naval Aviation Program." The sole example, registered NX1087 c/n 5, was involved in an accident on 11 June 1929 and the registration cancelled on 16 August 1929.
Engine: Wright Cyclone, 500hp
Wingspan: 45'0"
Length: 31'0"
Seats: 3
No built: 1
Wright Bros E biplane
Wright E AS10479
The model E was built in 1913.

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