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Waco C-62
The 1942 Waco C-62 was a short- to medium-range troop transport/cargo carrier made of non-strategic wood, similar in size and capacity to Douglas C-47.
253 planes were ordered in Oct 1941 and Jan 1942, powered two P&W R-1830-92, they were assigned AAF s/ns—13 YC-62 (42-12554/12566), 240 C-62 (42-35584/35823), but the orders were cancelled in September 1943 after none were built because of production problems.
White Sport Monoplane
The 1919 George D White Sport Monoplane was a home-builder project advertised in kit form for $365, sans motor. A single seat open cockpit mid-wing monoplane, power was a 12-20hp Harley-Davison or similar.
Wingspan: 22'0"
Length: 14'0"
Speed: 45 mph
Gross wt: 200 lb
White Ornithopter
In 1928 George White built a single place, open cockpit high wing monoplane ornithopter. The wingtips moved 17' when the pedals were pushed 14". With "a smaller craft," 14 flights were made with up to 140 yards distance and 7' height.
White Baby White
The 1916 Baby White built by George D White was a single seat monoplane, powered by an approximately 15hp motorcycle engine and chain-driven pusher propeller. Of canard configuration with trailing-edge ailerons and reverse tricycle gear, it was test-flown at the Ascot Speedway in Los Angeles.
The first kit-form aircraft offered in the US, one was built, plus an unknown number of kits for home-builders.
Engine: 15hp motorcycle
Wingspan: 18'0"
Length: 16'0"
Speed: 50 mph
Seats: 1
Waco BDC
The 1932 Waco BDC was a four place cabin biplane. Priced at $7,295, there is no record of actual production.
Engine: 165hp Wright R-540
Wingspan: 33'0"
Length: 25'1"
Usefulload: 1662 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall: 49 mph
Range: 450 mi
Seats: 4

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