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Velazco Escofet I

Built as a glider in 1909 then fitted with an Anzani engine but flight could not be achieved. Parts of the Escofet I were used in the second model.
(Dr Frank M) Wilson Aircraft Comp Mid-Wing 3-B
Designed by E H Gustavson, the 1930 Mid-Wing 3-B N124W was a three place open cockpit monoplane powered by a 150hp Axelson B, later 220hp Wright.
Reportedly it passed all flight tests successfully with no changes in engineering and production was planned, but did not materialize.
Wingspan: 37'0"
Length: 27'0"
Empty wt: 1600 lb
Max speed: 125 mph
Cruise speed: 110 mph
Stall: 44 mph
Seats: 3
Wilson 1913 Biplane
The 1913 single place, open cockpit biplane was motion picture and stunt pilot Al Wilson's first effort as a teenager, a Curtiss pusher type that only gained 50' altitude and refused to turn. It was abandoned because of structural fatigue after a few hard landings.
Wilson 1917 Monoplane
Al Wilson's 1917 two place open cockpit, mid-wing monoplane was a Blériot copy built for Cecil B de Mille's film, "We Can't Have Everything."
Power was an 80hp rotary.
Wilson 1909 Biplane
In 1909 John H Wilson, of Middlesex PA., USA, built an open cockpit biplane with two chain-driven pusher props. It appears to be a Wright copy in essence, except for wings with one lateral rib, around which the surfaces are bowed in an airfoil shape.

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