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Howard Wright Avis
Howard Wright designed and built helicopters, ornithopter, biplanes, and series of monoplanes, including five Avis.
Named “The Golden Plover” – and fitted with an Anzani three-cylinder delivering 25 to 30 hp – this wing-warping monoplane was delivered to the Scottish Aviation Syndicate in 1910.
Wright Bros X
The Wright X single place, open cockpit biplane, was powered by a 30hp Wright 4 pusher.
Wright R Roadster / High Flyer / Baby Wright / Baby Grand
Wright R Roadster
The 1910 two-place open cockpit Wright R Roadster was powered by a 30hp Wright 4 with two pusher props.
Similar 8-cylinder models were known as High Flyer and Baby Wright.
The Baby Grand, which was single place, with a 60hp Wright driving two pusher props, had no front elevator.
Wright Baby Grand 1910

Models were also displayed at the 1917 Pan-Pacific Aero Exposition (New York) with a 75hp Wright and a 150hp Hisso.
R Roadster
Engine: 30hp Wright 4
Props: two pusher
Wingspan: 22'0"
Length: 19'6"
Seats: 2
Baby Grand
Engine: 60hp Wright
Props: two pusher
Wingspan: 26'6"
Length: 19'6"
Speed: 75 mph
Seats: 1
Wright Bros WP-1
The sole Wright WP-1, A6748, was based on a Swiss-built Dornier Falke, imported by Wright Co. Built in 1923, it was all-metal, with an unbraced parasol wing, with a single-place open cockpit.
Engine: Wright-Hisso H-3, 325hp
Wingspan: 32'11"
Length: 24'6"
Max speed: 162 mph
Cruise speed: 142 mph
Ceiling: 19,400 ft
Seats: 1
Wright NW-1 / NW-2
Wright NW-1 A-6543
The 1922 Wright NW was a Pulitzer racer with a 650hp Packard T-2 engine. Two were built, as NW-1 sesqui-wing monoplanes, A6543 and A6544.
Wright NW-1 A6544
The first crash-landed in Lake St Clair and the second was only used as a test-bed for the 750hp Wright Tornado engine. It was then modified as a float equipped biplane NW-2 for the 1923 Schneider Cup race.
Wright NW-2 A6544
A6544 did not compete for the Schneider Cup after a shattered propeller blade tore its float during trail runs.

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