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Wiseman Biplane
Wiseman-Cooke biplane
The Wiseman Biplane, built by Frederick J. Wiseman and also known as the Wiseman-Cooke biplane, from 1910/1911, was a pusher that combined the designs of Wright, Farman and Curtiss. Claimed to be the first biplane to be flown in California, it was fitted with an overbored 4-cylinder engine from a “San Francisco engine company” by Frederick J. Wiseman, who increased the power output to 50 hp.
Today it is displayed in the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. after being restored in 1983-1985 by NASM.
Woodward Aero Navigator
The Woodward Aero Navigator seaplane was displayed at the 1917 Aero Exposition.
Woodson Aircraft Corp Sport 3-A
The 1926 Woodson Sport 3-A was an evolution of the Express 2-A. Selling for around $4,000, an unknown number were built with various engines. An unknown number were built, but included N7153 c/n 14 and N11193 c/n 141.
Engine: Wright, 200 hp
Wingspan: 32'1"
Length: 25'0"
Useful load: 1400 lb
Max speed: 135 mph
Stall: 45 mph
Seats: 5
Engine: Salmson 2A, 230 hp
Wingspan: 32'1"
Length: 25'0"
Seats: 5
Engine: Hisso A, 150 hp
Wingspan: 32'1"
Length: 25'0"
Max speed: 118 mph
Seats: 5
Engine: Hisso E, 180 hp
Wingspan: 32'1"
Length: 25'0"
Max speed: 122 mph
Seats: 5
Woodson Aircraft Corp Transport 4-B
The Woodson Aircraft Corp Transport 4-B of circa 1927 was a 5-7 place open cockpit biplane featuring DH-4 wings. It was advertised as not a regular production airplane, available only on special order, for $2,000. One is known to have been built.
Engine: Salmson 2A, 230 hp
Wingspan (upper): 39'0"
Wingspan (lower): 42'6"
Length: 28'6"
Useful load: 1620 lb
Max speed: 110 mph
Cruise speed: 92 mph
Stall: 32 mph
Range: 450 mi
Woodson Aircraft Corp M-6
The Woodson Aircraft Corp M-6 of 1927 low wing monoplane featured a two place side-by-side cockpit, and bonded plywood construction.
The number built is uncertain, but published production figures claim 14 in 1927, and 6 in 1929, including NX1556.
The basic design evolved into the Simplex Red Arrow.
Engine: Detroit Air Cat, 60hp
Wingspan: 28'0"
Length: 18'0"
Range: 800 mi
Seats: 2

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