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Scheibe-Flugzeugbau GmbH

Egon Scheibe was a young German aircraft engineer, who designed and built some of the most successful gliders before WW2. After the war, he founded Scheibe Flugzeugbau and built a large number of successful gliders, most notably the Bergfalke tandem 2-seater.
Formed at Dachau, near Munich, in 1951 by Egon Scheibe, who at first built gliders designed by Scheibe in Austria. This company had some success with the Mü‑13E Bergfalke 1 and then produced a number of conventional gliders. His Sperling two-seat light high-wing monoplane first flew August 1955, and was developed with new wing and tail as SF-23A and built in numbers until 1963. SF-24A Motorspatz built from 1959. SF-25 Motorfalke licencebuilt from 1970 by Slingsby Sailplanes Ltd in UK as Type 61 Falke. SF-28A Tandem-Falke tandem two-seat motorglider no longer offered. Available were the SF-25C Falke 2000 and Rotax-Falke two-seat motorgliders, and the SF-40 two-seat lightplane (first flown 1994), the latter originally offered in A and B versions with tailwheel undercarriages, but the latest version was the SF-40-C with a nosewheel undercarriage. SF-34B Delphin was produced in France as the S.N. Centrair Alliance 34 two-seat glider, while the SF-36 R two-seat motorglider was also expected to go into production in France.
The firm had produced more than 2300 machines by 1983 plus numerous kits for homebuilders.
1983-98: Scheibe Flugzeugbau GmbH, August‑Pfaltz­Strasse 23, Postfach 1829, D‑8060 Dachau bei Mfinchen, West Germany.
Scheibe Flugzeugbau GMBH eventually closed its doors in 2006, partly because of the lack of a successor for Egon Scheibe, but probably also due to the increasingly difficult trading conditions after the boom of Ultralight/Microlight aircraft that have taken over a large portion of the market for fun, relatively cheap, and easy to fly recreational aircraft. The Motorfalke design was subsequently taken over by the newly formed Scheibe Aircraft GMBH based in Heubach (Germany), which has certified the Turbo-Rotax powered version with the glider towing market in mind.



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