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Salmson (Societe des  Moteurs Salmson)

Founded 1912 at Billancourt, Seine, by Emile Salmson (1859-1917) to develop radial type watercooled engines jointly designed by Canton and Unne as installed in French, British and Russian aircraft. In late 1915 Salmson turned to airplane construction. First was unorthodox Salmson- Moineau SM-1 of 1916, designed by Rene Moineau, with "buried" engine and twin tractor propellers. The Type 2 conventional two-seat reconnaissance tractor biplane was tested early 1917, with Salmson (Canton-Unne) engine. As the 2A2 it served with French and U.S. squadrons and 2,300 were built. At Armistice 2A2 converted to Limousine, used by several European airlines. In mid-1930s Salmson turned to light aircraft, producing D6 Cricri parasol monoplane with small Salmson air-cooled radial engine.



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