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Sabreliner Corporation

Sabreliner Corporation was founded 1983, following purchase of Rockwell International's Sabreliner Division by Wolsey & Company, to support Sabreliners in use, upgrade Lockheed T-33 series aircraft, and other work. Won contract in 1989 to undertake life extension program on USAF T-37s.


The Sabreliner Division Type Certificate A2WE was reissued to Saberliner Corp in 1983 to cover active Model 265s. At the end of 1990 the company completed the design of a new version of the Sabreliner designated the Model 85. This has a supercritical wing incorporating winglets, a fuselage stretch of 1.5m, and more powerful TFE731-5 turbofan engines, but further development would require a risk-sharing partner.





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