Rotary Air Force
Rotary Air Force South Africa


The origins of Rotary Air Force South Africa. date back to 1943 when Bernard J. Haseloh hovered his first experimental helicopter at his shop in Ponoka, Alberta , Canada.

Mr. Haseloh was discouraged from building and testing amateur/experimental built helicopters, by the Government who felt that the technology for the power driven rotor system was too complex for the private individual.

To further complicate matters, at that time the Government  had no regulations in place for amateur/experimental built helicopters. Therefore, his keen interest in Rotary Winged Aircraft turned toward the development of gyroplanes, the first of which was successfully completed in 1954

Over 30 years, Bernard Haseloh has developed and implemented numerous design and structural innovations for gyroplanes.

Mr. Haseloh has logged more than 2000 hours of flying time on his experimental “HASELOH” designed machines and has spent over 10,000 hours in the development of prototype gyroplanes of “ THE TYPE “ manufactured and sold by Rotary Air Force South Africa.

Bernard Haseloh holds the first Gyro Pilot’s License issued in Canada and is widely recognized as a
pioneer in the gyroplane industry.  Mr. Haseloh is highly regarded by Federal Aviation Regulators
having for many years served as the designated gyroplane instructor for Alberta, Canada.
Bernard Haseloh served as a key technical advisor to the development, testing & design of the
RAF 2000

1987 the Group forms Rotary Air Force Marketing Inc, First aircraft to go into production is the RAF 1000,
recognizing the need for proper flight instruction and to meet the demand for a two place gyroplane the
Rotary Air Force team introduces the Two place Gyroplane in 1989.

Incorporated in 1987, Rotary Air Force employed 16 people in 2001.

1995-7: Box 1236, Kindersley, Saskatchewan S0L 1S0 Canada.

In May 2001, RAF announced that it would be expanding its activities into commercial applications, including agricultural spraying and paramilitary functions.

As of April 2, 2007, Rotary Air Force Marketing Inc. closes doors.