Societe Anonyme Avions et Moteurs Renard
Constructions Aeronautiques G. Renard

Societe Anonyme Avions et Moteurs Renard was established in 1927 as aero-engine manufacturer, and produced the Epervier all-metal single-seat fighter in 1928-1929 with Sabca Jupiter engine designed by Alfred Renard.

Constructions Aeronautiques G. Renard founded about 1929 to build commercial aircraft designed by Renard. First two types were R.17-100 four-seat single-engine cabin monoplane and R-30-300 tri-motor five-passenger cabin monoplane. R-31 reconnaissance and R-33 training monoplanes appeared in 1932-1933; advanced low-wing single-seat fighter R-36 with Hispano-Suiza engine exhibited at 1937 Brussels Aero Show.

Company was inactive during Second World War, but began to reorganise in 1945.