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Platt-Le Page Aircraft Co

In 1935, due to the effects of the economic depression in the 1930’s, Dr .Wynn Laurence LePage left Kellett to become an independent engineer, by 1935, LePage met and became partners with Haviland H. Platt, a mechanical engineer and patent expert with a number of rotary wing patents. In 1938 W. Laurence LePage traveled to Germany to view the Focke Fw-61 helicopter, and after much negotiation obtained an option to build Focke helicopters in the USA, but the worsening conditions between the two governments prevented a deal going through.

In November of 1938, Platt and LePage formed The Platt-LePage Aircraft Company, and abandoned talks with the German government to import a Focke helicopter. They proceeded on their own to design a helicopter based on their patents and ideas.

Small size and lack of capital of Platt-LePage Aircraft, along with lack of orders for military aircraft caused the Platt-LePage Aircraft Co. to shut down in August of 1946. The McDonnell Aircraft Co. obtained most of the helicopter patents from Platt-LePage during the liquidation of the company, along with the personnel responsible for the twin engine project.



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