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Louis Augustin Peyret

Peyret gave names to his earlier design but, aside from the Peyret VI and one Flight reference to a 'PM 4', there is no obvious aircraft numbering (although Peyret's airfoil designs were numbered). Peyret was associated with numerous gliders (eg: Georges Abrial) and tandem-wing projects (eg: with Louis Paulhan and the Albessard Triavion).


Louis Peyret began aircraft construction with a tandem wing glider, winning a Daily Mail £1,000 prize in 1922. Following year he produced a light airplane, which subsequently crashed, and later a light seaplane for M. Le Prieur, the Aibessard monoplane and the Mauboussin P.M.4 single-seat monoplane. Peyret became technical Avions Mauboussin.


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