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Ladislao Pazmany in 1941

Ladislao Pazmany is of Hungarian descent. His family moved to Argentina when he was three and he grew up and was educated there. After obtaining a degree in aero engineering, he worked wherever engineering jobs were available in the unstable economy that prevailed in Argentina at the time.

For nearly a decade he designed aircraft, pipelines, high tension power towers, suspenison bridges, chemical and hydroelectric plants, was an instructor at an aeronautics school.

In May of l956 Paz and his family moved to the U.S. and settled in San Diego where he went to work for Convair. The following month he attended his first EAA Chapter 14 meeting and has been involved in EAA activity ever since. At Convair, he worked on F-102, F-106 and other projects, and founded L. Pazmany & Associates at San Diego, California.

Concurrent with his full time employment he designed he PL-1, which flew for the first time on March 23, 1962, made plans available to homebuilders and wrote the book "Light Airplane Design".

1980-95: Pazmany Aircraft, P.O. Box 80051, San Diego, CA 92138.

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