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Nicolas Roland Payen is known as the inventor of the "fléchair", marrying delta wing and canard wing. Payen built a sailplane at 14 years age, and deposited his first patent at 18 years. After studies at an Aeronautical University, and the field of hang-gliders, he first built a small single-seater AP-10, studied in collaboration with Aubrun. It was a light monoplane with triangular wing with a short length. This machine flew in Dieppe in 1935 and 1936, equipped with an AVA engine of 25 hp, then later a TRAIN of 40 hp. The AP-10 was extrapolated into the two-seater AP-12 (also called PA-120), which had the same concept a hang-glider, with self-stabilizing profile. The two-seater was to be equipped with an engine of 40 to 50 hp. Unlike the AP-10, the AP-12 did not leave the drawing board. Payen then concentrated more on delta aerofoils. After the war Payen built the single-seater jet PA-49 "Katy", precursor of the "Mirage" series of the planes with delta wing, and two-seater PA-61 "Arbalète".

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