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Partenavia Costruzioni Aeronautiche Spa


In the postwar period, Luigi "Gino" Pascale and his brother Giovanni "Nino" Pascale of Naples, Italy, having been enthusiastic flying model aircraft makers, decided to work on full-scale aircraft. The first, built while the brothers were college students, was the "P.48 Astore (Goshawk)" -- a two-seat aircraft, with the seats in tandem, featuring a high strut-braced wing, fixed taildragger landing gear, and a Continental O-170 / A65 flat-four air-cooled engine with 48 kW (65 HP).
One Astore was built, performing its initial flight in 1952 -- by which time Luigi Pascale had become an instructor in mechanical engineering at Naples University, where he would become a full professor and help establish a department of aeronautical engineering. The Astore was followed by other one-off designs:
P.52 Tigrotto (Tiger Cub)
P.53 Aeroscooter
P.55 Tornado
P.57 Fachiro
The Fachiro I was followed by three "Fachiro II" and then 33 "Fachiro III".

Partenavia Costruzioni Aeronautiche Spa, a Naples company formed in 1949 to build series of light aircraft. First to enter production was the P-57 Fachiro of 1957, a four-seat high-wing monoplane with Lycoming engine. This was followed by various developments including the P.64 Oscar (first flown April 1965), also produced in South Africa under license as the RSA.200 by AFIC (Pty) Ltd, and the P.66 Charlie. Partenavia's first twin was the P.68 six-seat light transport, first flown in May 1970. It was subsequently placed into production in several forms, including the Observer 2 for observation and patrol. AP.68 TP-600 Viator 11 seat transport followed in March 1985. New projects in the early 1990s included PD.93 Idea four-seat trainer and utility monoplane, but in March 1998 Partenavia ceased work and its P.68 series was bought via auction by VulcanAir SpA.

After financial difficulties the company reappeared, in 1986, as Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam.

In 2008, Partenavia, an Aeritalia division, announced a decision to transfer manufacturing of single engined aircraft, including the mosquito, to fellow Aeritalia subsidiary Aviolight, which was floated at the end of February 2008.



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