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2009: 4184 W. Kelley • Fresno, CA 93722, USA.

NuVenture was formed for the express purpose of preserving and promoting the Questair designed Venture Model 20.
NuVenture has four immediate goals:
1. To continue the availability of this very fine airframe kit to the amateur aircraft builder. Continental engines and McCauley propellers will continue to be available to builders on an OEM basis.
2. To continue the availability of replacement parts to current owners and builders of the Venture Model 20. While no specific support is envisioned for the Questair Spirit, parts common to both the Venture and the Spirit should be available.
3. To seek proper solutions to mechanical discrepancies which have surfaced in the years since the Venture Model 20 was introduced. These solutions will involve appropriate engineering and extensive testing.
4. To provide for construction information assistance to current and future builders.

NuVenture is headquartered at 4184 W. Kelley in Fresno, California, 93722. The company factory and warehouse are currently located in Visalia, California. It contins the original Questair fabriaction equipment as well as the tooling required to produce the aluminum and steel parts of the airframe. There is currently enough inventory to construct several complete airframes.



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