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In 1935 R.B.C.Noorduyn, experienced from the US Fokker company, went to Canada and organised the Noorduyn Aviation Company at Longue Pointe, Quebec.

Noorduyn designed and manufactured the Norseman eight/ten-seat cargo-transport aircraft, which first flew in 1935 and was delivered to the RCAF and the USAF; with the latter service it was designated C-64A. Norsemans were especially popular as bushplanes in the northern regions of Canada and with civilian operators in northern Europe.

The infant company's elation over the initial acceptance of its new airplane was soon eclipsed by the emergencies of war. The Noorduyn factory became a natural for con-version to production of North American Har-vard (AT-6) trainers - the Norseman and the Harvard both used the Pratt & Whitney R-1340. Although Norsemans converted into military airplanes continued in production, the emphasis was on the Harvards. From a staff of 150 employees, World War II changed the company almost traumati-cally.

The Canadian Car & Foundry Company acquired Noorduyn's assets in 1946 and produced an improved Norseman Mark V until 1950.



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