Nirvana Paramotors

Nirvana Systems sro is a producer of motor paragliding equipment.
The first flights on the modified Parafoil began in 1987; take off using the tow rope behind the car. 1988 saw the beginning of parachute production – BIG type, and the discovery that flying from the hills is possible.
The first paramotor production began in 1989– the paramotor was not finished.
Sale and service of Edel parachutes began in 1992, later also the Wings.

In 1993 the Trike was completed with a Jawa 350 engine and later the Trabant. This was first flown in 1994. In 1995 the first own paramotor was completed with a Konig triple cylinder engine.
A light paramotor with a Hirth engine was completed in 1996.

1999 saw the foundation of the company - Nirvana paragliding – for the production of paramotors.
2000 brought the serial production of the Nirvana Electric model. First racing season – Czech Republic Championship.

Nirvana introduced the new PPG wings, Alix and Desire in 2005 and the Rodeo paramotor received DULV certification.

The new Flystyle collection was introduced in 2006.

Official entered the USA PPG market in 2009, WAG qualification, and official introduction of the Instinct to the domestic, German and UAE market.