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New Piper Aircraft Inc

Established July 1997 as subsidiary of Newco Pac Inc., taking over assets of Piper Aircraft Corporation. Production of PA18-150 Super Cub ended 1995, and production ended of PA28-236 Dakota. Marketed were 160 hp PA28-161 Warrior III four-seat lightplane (first flown 1976, as development of original 1972 Warrior), 180 hp PA28-181 Archer III four-seat lightplane, 200 hp PA28-201 Arrow four-seat lightplane (first flown 1975), 300 hp PA32R-301 Saratoga five/six-seat lightplane, PA34-220T Seneca V five/six-seat twin 220hp-engined lightplane (unveiled 1997), PA44-180 Seminole four-seat twin 180 hp-engined lightplane (first flown 1976), and 350 hp PA46-350P Malibu Mirage (first flown 1983) and turboprop-powered Malibu Meridian (first flown 1998) six seat and single-engined business aircraft.

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