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Naval Air Establishment

The Naval Air Establishment was a division of the Chinese Navy established in 1918 in Mamoi to develop seaplanes for maritime reconnaissance, training, and torpedo-bombing. It was transferred to Shanghai in 1931.
Captain Yu Tsao Barr
Captain Tseng Yee King - Director General from 1931 onwards
Captain Wong Tsoo
Lieutenant S F Wong
Early aircraft produced by the NAE were made of timber and fabric with assistance of foreign designers.
Two principal aircraft types were built: the Chiang Hung two/three-seat touring seaplane, which first flew in July 1931, and the Chiang Gae'n two-seat reconnaissance biplane or advanced military trainer.
Aircraft produced include:
Chiang Hung (1930) - 2 or 3 seat touring plane and reconnaissance aircraft
Chiang Hau (1932) - powered with single 165 hp Wright Whirlwind engine
Chiang Gaen
Nin Hai
DH.6 like seaplane
Beeng (1918?)- tractor biplane/float fighter bomber with single 360 hp prop engine
Char1918 - 2 seat primary trainer seaplane
Ding (1934) - 2 seat bombing/torpedo seaplane using a single 360hp Rolls Royce engine
Wu (1918?) - general purpose observation aircraft
Yee (1918?) - 2 seat advance trainer and variant of Char seaplane

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