Nagler Helicopter Company Inc

Bruno Nagler, whose earliest rotary wing experiments go back to 1929, emigrated to the United States in 1952.
There he has built various prototypes, all single-seat, like his former designs, but with a totally different concept of an anti-torque rotor in the extension of the main rotor.

Nagler's Model NH-160 single-seat helicopter first flew in 1955. The VG-1 Vertigyro developed later comprised a Piper Colt aircraft fuselage with conventional engine. Its rotor system was driven by a turbine engine, enabling the craft to be flown as a gyroplane, a helicopter, or a combination of both.


1938-1945: (Bruno) Nagler-Rolz Flugzeugbau
Nagler Helicopter Company Inc
White Plains NY
Nagler Aircraft Corp
Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Heligyro Corp.