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Nyuxtikov, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Mikhail Alexandrovich Nyuxtikov (In Russian: Михаил Александрович Нюхтиков) was born in Chardzhou (now Türkmenabat), Turkmenistan, near the border with Uzbekistan, on June 16, 1906. In this city he finished middle school.
In 1927 he completed the Leningrad military-theoretical school of pilots and in 1928 he finished his training at the Kacha Military Higher School of Pilots (KVAShL) named AF Myasnikov in Sevastopol, where he continued working as a flight instructor.
During these years in Kacha, Mijail Nyuxtikov, together with his brother Konstantín, developed a set of gliders with the support of aeronautical circles of interest, so popular at the time.
From July 1933 Nyuxtikov was transferred to the NII VVS, participating as a test pilot in the tests of the Túpolev TB-1, TB-3 and Boljovitinov DB-A bombers. On November 10, 1936, aboard the Boljovitinov DB-A and with 10,000 kg of cargo, he reached 7032 meters in height, setting a new world record.
In 1938 he participated in the Battles of Lake Jasan and a year later in the Battle of Jaljin Gol against the Japanese. In 1940, together with PM Stefanovsky and VI Zhdanov, he was selected to test the models developed by the specialists imprisoned in the TsKB-29 NKVD, corresponding to the completion of the entire test program of the Túpolev “103” that would become the famous Tu-2 bomber.
From 1941 he participated as a pilot in the Great Patriotic War, working on the adaptation to the Tu-2 in combat units.
At the end of the war, he initially worked in the VVS and then went on to the OKB of Túpolev, being in charge of the tests of transcendental models such as the Tu-95 or the Tu-114 passenger plane. In this plane he made several historic flights to Javarosk, Paris, Beijing and New York.
As a test pilot he had 232 aircraft and 15 gliders to his credit.
By resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 1, 1957 and for his merits in the preparation of military technique, showing courage and heroism, he received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
In April 1963 he retired, dying on May 5, 1998 in the city of Zhukovski, near Moscow.
Awards and distinctions:
Hero of the Soviet Union
Hero of Turkmenistan
Twice Order of Lenin
Three times Order of the Red Banner
Twice First Tier Order of the Patriotic War
Twice Order of the Red Star
Order of the Badge of Honor
USSR Honorary Test Pilot
In Chkalov village (Shiolkovo), in building 7 on Lenin Street there is a plaque on the wall that recalls that Mikhail Alexandrovich Nyuxtikov lived there between 1945 and 1952.
Aeronautical production:
N-1 “Kachiniets” - Nyuxtikov's first glider built in 1929 and used as a trainer at the Kacha school.
N-2 “Sevastopoliev” - Lightened development of Korolyov's SK-3 built in 1930 for training purposes.
N-3 “Motyliok” - Glider produced by the Sevastopol circle of interest under the direction of Konstantin Nyuxtikov between 1932 and 1933.
N-4 - Flying wing type glider started in 1932 in the Kacha circle of interest. It was not finished.

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