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Selvage, Blaine
Born in Eureka in 1885, the 1905 Santa Rosa directory lists him as "G. Blaine Selvage," and his family genealogists state his birth name was Gelespie Blaine Selvage, which is probably a corruption of his grandfather's name, Guissippe Selvaggi. At some point before 1909, he swapped the middle name and initial and was known as Blaine G. Selvage for the remainder of his life.
Blaine Selvage
Humboldt City CA.
Built a monoplane in 1909.
Blaine's trail is hard to follow over the next forty years. The 1913 Eureka directory shows him working as a machinist, and married in 1916 to a woman named Faye. That marriage appears to have not lasted long; Mrs. Faye Selvage is in Eureka the following year, but not him. We find Blaine next in 1923, working as a machinist in Stockton, then a building contractor in San Mateo, 1938. Selvage returned to Santa Rosa in his final years and operated businesses dealing in concrete. In 1953 he filed for a patent on a "combined wheelbarrow and cement mixer," still the inventive thinker.

Blaine G. Selvage, unmarried and childless, died here on July 4, 1967, at the age of 81. No obituary for him appeared in either the Santa Rosa or Eureka newspapers. So forgotten was he at death that even his grave was unmarked, and so it still remains.
Unmarked grave of Blaine G. Selvage. The grave is in Santa Rosa's Memorial Park Rose section, E-36.

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