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Oškinis, Bronis
Bronis Oškinis was born April 15, 1913 in Barzdai, Šakiai county, Lithuania, in the family of Jonas and Agnieška Oškiniai.
In 1920 the family moved to Kaunas. 1928–1933 Bronis Oškinis studied at Kaunas Higher Technical School (ATM). Interested in aviation, he was one of the Kaunas ATM aviation group, founded on 13 December 1931.
After completing aviation courses, he led the construction of gliders in ATM workshops.
Reconstructed the German training glider RRG-23 "Zoegling" and in August 1932 developed the Lithuanian T-1 ("Technikas-1") glider. In Pažaislis, this glider was tested by military pilot Gregorius Radvenis. The first flight was performed by B. Oškinis himself.
In 1933, with others, in Nida set up a gliding school. He later constructed the BRO-2 and BRO-3 gliders. He learned to fly not only gliders but also airplanes. In 1936 appointed Deputy Chief of the Zokniai Military Aviation Workshop. He later served as a military pilot in the 3rd Squadron.
Oškinis tested the BRO-4 "Rūta" glider for acrobatic flying in 1937. Jonas Pyragius and Bronius Oškinis participated in the 1937 world meeting in Elmyra (USA), where B. Oškinis flew the LAK glider "Biržietis", and J. Pyragius - BRO-5 "Rūta".
In 1938 he graduated from the Lithuanian Military Pilot School and 1938–1940 studied aeronautics at the Technical University of Berlin. He returned to Lithuania in 1940 and was assigned to the workshop of the National Aviation Squadron of the 29th Territorial Rifle Corps in Pivonia (near Ukmergė). 1941–1944 worked in Kaunas aviation workshop in Freda as a production controller, repaired German Junkers Ju-88 and during 1942–1944 studied at Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University.
1944–1945 was arrested and taken to the Podolsk camp, returning to Kaunas 1947, he gave lectures at the State University and continued to develop new gliders. During 1956–1962 was Head of Kaunas Gliding Station, later headed a gliding school in Palanga.
Bronius Oškinis in his design glider BrO-12

Serial production of Bronius Oškinis gliders BRO-9 "Grasshopper", BRO-11 "Pioneer" and BRO-12 was started in Simferopol aviation workshop. They flew in all aviation sports clubs of the former USSR. 1962 An Experimental Sport Aviation Factory was established in Prienai, where B. Oškinis worked as a designer. Much attention was paid to the development of gliders for young people. They introduced many innovations, using slit wings, slit flaps and ailerons.
Bronius Oškinis developed 25 gliders of various modifications and died on April 7, 1985 in Palanga.
He was awarded by the Lithuanian government and FAI (International Aeronautics Association). The Lithuanian Children's Aviation School and the street in Palanga are named after him.
Ošk gliders
T-1 (BrO-1) (1932)
T-2 (BrO-2)
BrO-3 "Fluff" (1936)
BrO-4 "Ruth"
BrO-5 "Ruth II" (1938)
BrO-6 "Fluff"
BrO-9 Grasshopper
BrO-10 "Fluff"
BrO-11 Pioneer
BrO-11 M Tit
BrO-12 (1957)
BrO-16 "Pempė" (1973) - water glider
BrO-15 "Raguva"
BrO-17S Bite (1974)
BrO-17V "Antelė" - water glider
BrO-18 Boružė (1975) the smallest glider in the world
Br0-19 "Duck"
BrO-20 "Fluff"
BrO-21 "Vyturys"
BrO-22 "Rūtelė"
BrO-23 "Herons"
Oškinio sport airplanes
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