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Pacific Wings / Aérotec

André Chayrou, starting from plans made by the manufacturer Pacific Kites, was the owner of Pacific Wings until 1985 (purchased by Aérotec).
Pacific Wings produced, the Royal, the Schuss, the Vampire, and the Express.
Pacifics Wings was bought by Germans in 1985 and was named Aérotec who made the Feder (in fact it was the "Schuss" of Andre Chayrou with a new name) and then the Feder was renamed "Contact". These are the same 100% identical wings. He also made a double-surface: the Raptor.
On his departure from Oderen, Andre Chayrou created in 1985 "Pacific Diffusion" and moved to Kembs Loechle, near Mulhouse to make the "Select", which was none other than the Express.
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