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Seagull Aircraft
In 1969, Mike Riggs founded and operated for nine years what became one of the largest international manufacturers of hang gliders and accessory equipment. In 1981 Riggs designed, built and flew an aircraft prototype intended to fit the then new FAA Part 103 Ultralight Rules. He is a founding member of the United States Hang Gliding Association, and he has served as a director of that organization. He is also the co-founder of the United States Hang Glider Manufacturers Association (HGMA), responsible for establishing aerodynamic and structural standards for hang glider aircraft.
Michael Riggs holds degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Industrial Design. His experience includes 25 years in consumer product development with annual line responsibilities reaching more than $400 million. He has achieved executive management at the vice president level. He has designed, built and flown several aircraft. He is a highly decorated Army gunship pilot with two Vietnam tours.
The company was taken over by Don Whitemore, later sold and Mike Riggs was no longer running the show and the company lost its innovation and its market. It is sad it owed about $3400 to Hang Gliding magazine and was not able to pay on demand.
The company was sold to a Canadian in 1980.
Mike Riggs went on as President and Founder of Seagull Aerosports.

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