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Russian Empire airship / Vozduhtsentr / Dirizhablestroy

In 1906 the Chief Engineer's Office Russian Empire was specially seconded to France, with a delegation of engineers and professionals for the development of on-site experience of the most advanced airship.
In 1923, the Society for the Friends of the Air Fleet of the USSR was created special Vozduhtsentr with tasks which included the promotion of Russian airship in Russia. After a while Vozduhtsentr was renamed vozduhsektsiyu Osoaviahima USSR and in the autumn of 1924 completed the construction of another Myagenko airship under the title "Moscow chemist rezinschik" (MHR). This title pointed to the fact that it was made by means of chemical industry workers in and around Moscow. The designer of this project was N. Fomin.
At the end of 1931 at CAB CAF was created under the title "Dirizhablestroy." This organization was to unite the efforts of various groups of professionals working in the field, as do the planned deployment of the work in designing and building the next Russian airships. Also, the organization should take the time to research on the topic of aeronautic and improve methods of exploitation airships.
Nobile worked in the USSR from 1931 until 1935. He is believed to have been responsible for the design of nine semi-rigid airships.
Russian airship crewmen (left to right) – Nikolai Gudovantsev, Ivan Obodzinsky,
Ivan Pan’kov and Vladimir Ustinovich. 1933
The rationale for the Soviet program was to provide transport to distant rugged regions, notably Siberia, as well as such utility functions as surveying.
There were works at Leningrad, and Zagi near Moscow, the latter also the center of Tsiolkovski's metalclad efforts. The plan was to make 92 ships but it is unknown how many were actually made.
There were also some non-rigids built in 1937 at Zagi.




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