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Stratus Inc / Stratus 2000

7750 Twelfth Avenue N.W.
Washington 98117
Since 1992, Stratus, Inc. has converted Subaru EA-81 engines for use in Avid Flyers and similar light, home-built aircraft. The company installed a 100-hp engine in a Cessna 150F with good results.
Originally founded as Stratus, Inc. in 1992 by Reiner and Petra Hoffmann, the company was sold in 1999 to Mykal Templeman and renamed Stratus 2000, Inc.
Based in Camano Island, Washington and later in Corvallis, Oregon. Stratus 2000, Inc specialized in the design and manufacture of engines based on Subaru automotive engines for homebuilt aircraft. Zenith Aircraft Company offers a firewall-forward package for the EA-81 Subaru engine conversion (from Stratus Inc.) for the ZODIAC CH 601 series.
The company built two Subaru-derived designs, the Stratus EA 81 based on the Subaru EA 81 automotive engine and the Stratus EJ 22 based upon the Subaru EJ 22 automotive engine. The company also designed its own 2.2:1 ratio propeller speed reduction unit.
Some existing airframe designs, like the Zenith CH 601, have been adapted for the Stratus engines, while other aircraft have been designed around the engines from the start, such as the Airdale Backcountry. Stratus powerplants have also been used as retrofits in production aircraft, such as the Cessna 150.
The company seems to have gone out of business about 2008 and engine production ended.

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