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Howard T. Wright
Howard & Warwick Wright

The Howard T. Wright company established "probably the first real aircraft factory in England and certainly the only one to operate at a profit at the time", from 1908 to 1912.

Howard T. and Warwick Wright, in 1905, set up his  own company in Prince of Wales Road, Battersea, London. There they built some 35 biplanes, monoplanes and an unsuccessful, helicopter. One of their biplanes was bought by Tom Sopwith. The Wrights’ exhibited a monoplane at the 1910 Olympia show. Designed and built helicopters, ornithopter, biplanes, and series of monoplanes, including five Avis. In 1910 T.O.M. Sopwith achieved the longest all-British flight to date with a Howard Wright 1910 biplane, a distance of 272km.

The business closed in 1911.



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