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Witteman-Lewis Aircraft Corp

(Charles and Adolph) Wittemann Aeronautical Engineers
Ocean Terrace & Little Clove Rd
Staten Island NY.
In 1907 the firm built a single-place, open cockpit biplane, powered by a 40hp Wright pusher. This featured a swivelling tailwheel, which was quite an advance in technology back then.
1907 also saw a single-place open cockpit triplane, powered by a 40hp Wright pusher.
Between 1908 and 1914 the firm built many planes, including Curtiss-type, single-place, open-cockpit biplanes, for notables of the time: Bud Mars, Ruth Law, Capt Thomas Baldwin, Lincoln Beachey, Cecil Peoli, Harold Blakesley, and others.
During 1911 the firm was involved in the construction of the Baldwin Red Devil III.
1916: Newark NJ. Aeronautical construction engineers of Newark, New Jersey. Rebuilt Airco D.H.4s to DH-4B standard for U.S. Army.
c.1917: Wittemann-Lewis Aircraft Co Inc.
Had produced own-design mail carrier in 1920, when firm moved to Teterboro in 1919 (factory was eventually occupied by Fokker Corp). Contractors to US Post Office and USN for several aircraft.
During 1922-1923 built the Barling six-engined triplane bomber to Walter Barling's design.
Built twin-engined Sundstedt-Hannevig seaplane 1923, for transatlantic attempt by Capt. Sundstedt.
During 1923, 25 de Havilland DH-4s were modified for mail carrying, powered by a 400hp Liberty 12. The last of the company's efforts before filing bankruptcy.
In 1923 ended production to concentrate on engineering research.Of interest is that no Wittemann aircraft ever suffered a fatal or serious accident.
After bankruptcy in 1924, the firm property was acquired by Atlantic (Fokker).

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