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Williams International

Walled Lake, Michigan USA
In addition to engine manufacture, has developed the V-Jet II as an engine demonstration aircraft as part of a joint NASA/industry General Aviation Propulsion Program, intended to assist the U.S. light aircraft industry through turbofan technology. V-Jet II first flew April 1997 as a fiveseat jet of composites construction.
In 2010, Williams was in the component design phase of the engine technology program, is emphasizing low cost manufacturing processes suitable for high quantity production, and is active with key suppliers to minimize material and purchase parts costs. The new Williams engine has been named the "FJX-2."
Dr. Sam Williams, Chairman of Williams International, said, "Our objective is to replace aging, piston-powered light aircraft with all new, four-place single and six-place twin, turbofan-powered modern aircraft. This means we must develop a turbofan in the 700 lb thrust category that is very low in cost at a high production rate, is extremely quiet, is light in weight, and is very reliable."



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