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Weatherly Aviation Co Inc

John C. Weatherley operated the Weatherley Campbell Aircraft Company as a fixed-base operator, at Dallas, Texas. Acquired plans of the Colt 4-seater from Luscombe Airplane Corporation.
The Weatherly cropduster had its origins in Texas but, when manufacturing began, it was California that John Weatherly turned to for the production of this typical low-wing American cropduster. Weatherly has been building cropdusters since 1960 at Hollister, not far south of San Francisco. At first these aircraft were modified from the ex-military World War Two trainer, the Fairchild M-62 Cornell. When the supply of Fairchild aircraft ran out, John Weatherly started to build the complete aircraft.
Weatherley Aviation Company established at Hollister, California. Built WM 62C agricultural aircraft 1961-1965, a converted Fairchild 62. Developed W.201, a much-improved agricultural aircraft in 1967; followed by 201A in 1970 and 201C in 1975. In production in 1998 were the 600 and 600 BTG single-seat agricultural aircraft, the latter a turboprop version.
In 1990, the company moved production from Hollister to Lincoln, near Sacramento, and in recent times (circa 2000) Hal Weatherly, a nephew of John Weatherly, has taken over running the company.



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