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Vega Aircraft Corp
Airover Company
Vega Airplane Company

Vega Airplane Co was known formerly as Airover Company, formed at Burbank, California, as associated company of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in 1937. Began research/development experiments with light aircraft, devising (with Menasco) a unit called Unitwin; two small engines coupled side-byside to drive single propeller flight-tested in Lockheed Altair in 1938. Then designed five/six-seat Starliner twin-tailed low-wing cabin monoplane using similar powerplant. Small batch of radio-controlled targets built in 1939. Factory expanded 1940, and mid-year received contract to build large numbers of Lockheed Ventura bombers for RAF. Then, in conjunction with Boeing and Douglas, mass-produced Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bombers; became wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed in 1941 as Vega Aircraft Corporation.

From 1941 Vega Aircraft Corp became Vega Airplane Company; continued production of Lockheed-Vega B-34 Ventura twin-engined medium bomber for USAAF/USN/RAF and Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress for USAAF between 1941 and 1944. Absorbed into Lockheed Aircraft Corporation 30 November 1943; name Vega abandoned; Vega plant became Lockheed's Factory A. Ventura B-34 production ended 1943; PV-1 naval version and Boeing B-17 manufacture continued until 1944 under responsibility of Lockheed.



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